Trekking and Nature Safaris

Thailand is a country where tropical jungles abound. There are many national parks and wildlife areas. Tigers, jaguars and other exotic species still live in the untamed areas of the country. Trekking through the jungle is a great way to explore the natural wildlife areas. There are several ways to trek. One can take a hiking trek or explore by riding an elephant or boat. Each has its own advantages for seeing the exotic wild life.

Much of the country has steep mountains rising out of the jungle. Hiking treks are recommended for those that want to climb the peaks and get an overall view. For those that want to see the crocodiles and tortoises, boat treks and safaris are available. Elephant safaris and treks have long been a great way to cut through the jungle. Used as local transportation for centuries, elephants are a protected species cared for in this beautiful land. An elephant safari or trek is often considered the highlight of any stay in Thailand.