Water Sports in Thailand

With a variety of lakes and rivers, Thailand offers visitors a chance to view the country by boat. Lakes are often fished for food, but exploring the shore is a good way to see the natural habitats offered in this diverse land. Transportation in untamed jungle areas is often by small river boat. Many do not have motors and paddling is the way to move upriver to explore the headlands of these unspoiled streams and rivers.

A mountainous country, there are many opportunities for white water enthusiasts. Kayaking and rafting are offered in many locations. As a popular sport, white water river areas have been rated to allow visitors a choice of experiences. There are white water tours for beginners, intermediate and experts. There are also a few that are rated for children. A good way to see a new and exciting country, kayaking and rafting should be a consideration for the visitor that loves water sports.

There are many water sports available throughout Thailand. Sailing the seas off the southern coasts has become a destination reason to visit the area. For those that prefer to stay a bit closer to land, surfing and wind surfing have become quite popular over the last few years. Snorkelling in the many reefs is a great way to explore the sea under the waves. Many new reefs have been formed in the past few years to allow greater diversity for reef fishing and marine habitats.

There are many opportunities for sports enthusiasts to explore in this ancient country. Exploration can be done in the air, on the land or in the water. There are a wide variety of choices for those that want an active vacation. For those that work a little too hard, traditional thai massage, yoga and pilates are also options. Thai massage has long been considered one of the best deep tissue massage activities to experience in this amazing country.